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Baby Massage

Learn a beautiful life-long skill and create a deep bond with your baby through loving touch.

During our 5 week course you will learn a whole body massage routine for your baby that can relieve their discomforts, aid relaxation and support their natural development. Each class will focus on providing a soothing massage to different parts of your baby's body and will be added to the previous weeks routine.

Our private classes are offered in the comfort of your home and are tailored to your babies individual needs. Please fill in a contact form if you would like to explore this option.

Our Baby Massage Classes are suitable for littles ones from 6 weeks - actively moving.

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Baby Yoga

Learn gentle stretches and movements that will support your baby's natural development.

Baby Yoga is a 5 week course that provides a fun and new experience for you and baby to share together. The combination of massage, gentle stretches, movement and music used in this class will help to strengthen the loving connection you have with your baby.

We also include yoga inspired stretches, walking meditations and breathing exercises for parents in these classes and encourage you to use this time to focus on your wellbeing as well as your baby's.

This course is suitable for babies from 8 weeks old to 8 months/ actively moving, depending on their


Toddler Classes

Active classes where older babies and toddlers can explore through movement, music and more.

Stretch & Explore is a 5 week course that encourages your toddler to move their bodies and explore the world around them. By combining music and singing with yoga style stretches, dance, relaxation and explorative play, this interactive and energetic class will help to develop their curious minds.

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Workshops & Events

One off seasonal workshops for you and your baby to enjoy together.