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My Mission

Calma Alma is committed to providing welcoming, accessible and supportive classes for parents and little ones. We know that the first 1001 days are critical in giving parents & babies the best start in life, and that love and nurturing care are the magic ingredients needed for us all to reach our full potential. Our mission is to empower families during this unique period of life by sharing expert knowledge around infant & maternal mental health, positive touch and mindful movement. We hope that you will feel supported in trusting your parental intuition and become more confident in knowing what is best for you and your baby.

All that Calma Alma does is centered around our core values:

A baby, his mum and nan reading a book


 "Everyone wants to hold the baby, but who holds the mother?"...We do! Calma Alma classes are a safe space where you are seen, heard and held. A place where you are called by your name and welcomed just as you are. Because we know that when parents are nurtured, they are able to give their little ones all the nurturing care & love that they deserve.  We believe that by nurturing the future we can make the world a better place for generations to come.


From conception to 2 years old your baby's brain and body grows at an incredible speed. As a way of supporting your child's natural development we ensure that all of the activities in our classes are backed by evidence. We also strive to make our classes a place where parents and little ones can grow together socially and emotionally alongside other local families.

A toddler in downward dog pose, looking through her legs at the camera
Two mums and babies smiling at family workshop


We live in a world that seems obsessed with perfection but we know that this can lead to feelings of isolation and impact maternal & infant mental health. Instead, Calma Alma focuses on connection...with yourself, your child and your community.

By removing the pressure of perfection, we hope that you and your little one can deepen your bond during our sessions and create joyful memories together.

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